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ATTENTION Online Coaches, Consultants, Social Media Influencers & Course Creators
Who Want To Take Their Online Business To The Next Level And Become The #1 Authority

FINALLY! Become the #1 Authority In Your Niche & Scale To 7+ Figures By Installing Our *Brand New* 5-Step Scaling System That Gets You Clients On Demand In 90 Days GUARANTEED

Claim Your FREE 30-Minute Consultation To Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Easily Scale Your Online Business To 7+ Figures & Become The #1 Go To Expert In Your Niche Online (Valued at $2500)

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FINALLY, Become The #1 Authority In Your Niche Online And Get Clients COMING TO YOU Using the power of The Authority Scaling System.

Are you sick of paying anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 for a website that’s super basic and isn’t built for performance or designed to get leads? Tired of Sales funnels that don’t convert? And looking for ways to still be able to build a successful online business that generates you 7+ figures? At 7 Figure Builders, we help Online Coaches, Consultants, Social Media Influencers & Course Creators create more authority, build more trust, helping you convert way more traffic into clients all while saving you massive amounts of time and money.

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Building and scaling your online business to 7+ figures can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take, which makes them take 10x longer than they need to. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step blueprint, and you’ll build an asset online that help you scale your business to the next level in no time.

You’re not only saving time either, when you follow our advice closely, you also build way more authority, trust, you’ll get more leads, higher conversion rates and get more clients than you would ever be able to achieve on your own.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover In Your FREE 30-Minute Consultation

  • ​​WARNING: You Could Be At Serious Risk Of Losing Thousands To Millions Of $$$ Are you getting your websites designed by WordPress or website gurus? Bad Idea! We’ll show you why this is a HUGE mistake and how it leaves you open to a website that never generates you leads and actually kills any authority you have.
  • The Proven 5-Step Scaling System Strategies We’ve used To Triple Conversions Online And Help You We’ll reveal the bulletproof strategies we’ve used that we’ve used to achieve $23M in extra revenue for ourselves and our clients consistently for the past 3 years
  • ​The Devastating Mistakes Made By Virtually All Online Coaches, content creators & social media influencers selling some sort of offer Nearly every person looking to create a 7+ figure income online using social media These common yet fatal mistakes - find out what they are, so you can avoid them!
  • ​And more…
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Why should you Join The 5-step Scaling System Now?

This Is Not For Everyone. It’s Best For Online Coaches, Consultants, Social Media Influencers & Course Creators Who Are Serious To Take Their Online Business To The Next Level FAST!

  • ​​You’re wanting to take your online business to a whole other level in 2023-2024 and skyrocket your results.
  • ​You’re SERIOUS on building a proper business and not treating something like a hobby.
  • ​Perfect If you have failed online with what you’re currently doing and still yet to have a BREAK THROUGH.
  • ​​You’re STUCK. (Making $20k months, but can’t get to $50k. The same applies if you’re stuck at $500k months and can’t get to $1M)
  • ​Or it could be you simply want to become the #1 authority in your niche, and​ for you to be able to do that, you need a better system. One that not only gets people’s attention, but one that puts you as an AUTHORITY FIGURE which helps you convert more leads into high paying clients and as a result, you make more money.

If That Sounds Like You, Then, The 5-Step Scaling System Is The Perfect Solution… It Includes:



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  • ​​Uses cheap templates that aren't optimised for anything. 
  • ​Designed by WordPress people with zero knowledge in Marketing or funnels. 
  • ​Massively lack design, making your website look cheap and basic.
  • ​Basic for a premium price tag.
  • ​Super slow load time.
  • ​Lacks performance.
  • ​Expensive. (A cheap one is sold for $6k with no understanding of structure, optimisation, lead gen strategies or anything else. Some go for $40k + which are more optimised but still pretty basic with little to no design or premium feel)

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  • ​​Every website is structured and built from scratch specifically to your needs, whether that's to collect thousands of leads, grow your email list, send people to your YouTube channel or to convert traffic into high paying clients.
  • ​​A 7+ figure strategy. We don't just design you a website for the sake of designing you a website. The website is a side of you and your business, and we aim to design it to help you increase leads or sales while standing out from the crowd and being seen as the #1 authority in your industry.
  • Good loading speed while maintaining designs and a premium look and feel.
  • ​Fully optimised for a specific goal. You want more leads? We will structure it towards that. You want to close more leads into clients? We will structure it around that. Everything we do is optimised for a specific goal, helping you achieve more success in your business.
  • ​Built by a team of experts who are #1 in their fields. We have WordPress gurus, professional design artists that will blow you away in their design talents as well as structure, planning, strategy, optimisation, copywriting, and everything else led By Alan Beck.
  • ​A premium website that will help you increase conversions, get more clients, make more money, build more authority and trust, all while standing out from the crowd.​



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  • ​​Gives You Mass Templates That are super basic.
  • ​As they give you mass templates, there are thousands of coaches and business owners running around with the same landing pages.
  • ​Little to no design.
  • ​No help. Just send you a couple of templates, and it’s up to you to do the rest.
  • ​Cheap templates to get you to pay $5-15k for a custom designed landing page that is still, super basic.
  • ​Low converting.
  • ​Good for beginners and for people that are starting out.

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  • ​​Very specific branding and design to help you become the #1 authority in your industry.
  • ​Designed and Created From A Marketer with 10+ years experience & $23M in sales over the last 3 years​.
  • ​World class copywriting.
  • ​Eye-catching designs helping you stand out from the market.
  • ​Opt-in Page included to collect leads. (includes copywriting, structure, layout, image design and more)
  • ​High Converting.
  • ​Premium Sales Funnel helping you increase conversions = more leads = More clients = More money + greater impact.
  • ​Good for business owners, business coaches and influencers who want to take their business to the next level.



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  • ​​None. (Most likely, people using ChatGPT and claiming they are copywriters)
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  • ​A full copywriting service from your opt-in page, sales page, website, portfolio and more. (this alone, someone can charge $100k plus for)
  • ​​Masterclass on how to come up with 12 months of content for your business in under 60 minutes that will bring in massive amounts of leads & new clients.
  • ​​After learning these copywriting strategies, you will never look at any other copywriting tools the same​. In fact, you will use them and be massively disappointed. 
  • ​​Higher conversions With Better Copy.


Premium Image Designs

Untitled (641 × 290px) (1080 × 1080px) (641 × 290px) (2) png
Untitled (641 × 290px) (1080 × 1080px) (641 × 290px) (2) png


  • ​​Stock Images.
  • ​Copy and paste jobs from Google.
  • ​Maybe add a splash of paint or a triangle behind your photo on a landing page. (Yep, that’s it)
  • ​Possibly a Canva template that they change a couple colours around and add in your photo.
  • ​good for beginners wanting a basic landing page/sales funnel with basic designs to get their foot in the game.
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Untitled (641 × 290px) (1080 × 1080px) (641 × 290px) png


  • Branding that’s congruent to you and your business.
  • ​Branding done by world-class experts with the aim to increase your authority.
  • ​Image Designs that look professional and help you build more credibility.
  • ​Premium Mock Up Designs that help you sell your offer.
  • ​Premium Images you can use for advertising to help you get cheaper conversions and more clients.
  • EXCLUSIVE $10K BONUS: Portfolio Builder (We will build you a portfolio that GUARANTEES you get more clients)


Premium service for
coaches & business owners

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The 5 critical components to scaling your business to the next level.  👇

Proven $23M in sales from our 7-Figure Scaling Framework

Premium Website

Most business coaches try to sell from their websites, and that's where they fail. As landing pages have a much higher conversion rate, it makes no sense to try to sell from a website, as you're only hurting your conversions.

What websites do is build authority, trust, value, answer objections and get people off the fence. 

Most people aren't going to buy your offer/program/whatever it is you're selling, as most people are also very sceptical, which is actually a good thing.

A good website that is structured well, optimised and has good copy will get people off the fence and as a result, will help you make more sales.

Something to think about:

If someone sees some of your videos on social media or perhaps a post, do they buy straight away?

99% of people won't as they have doubts on who you are, if you're legit or if your offer can actually help them. 

Now, what happens when someone wants more information about who you are or what your offer is?

They simply go to Google and type in YOUR NAME.

If you don't have a website, you instantly lose credibility. 

As marketers and business owners, it's not a big deal for us to have a website, as we know it's just a website.

But most people will google your name, see you have a website and just that alone, your credibility goes up in their eyes.

It can also go 2 ways.

They click on your website, and it looks like it was built by a 5-year-old or someone from the 1990s (also lacks optimisation, it's slow, lacks performance, people are still confused about things) and then they leave and won't buy your offer which means you lose money.

Or they click on your website as most people are curious and if done correctly, it will boost your authority where they will then book in a call with you or are then directed to one of your landing pages/sales funnels.

If you want a premium website that converts, and you want to make more money, you go through us.

high converting sales funnel

Basic landing pages and sales funnels will only get you so far.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen some coaches and business owners make millions with very poorly done landing pages and sales funnels.

They all had something in common though.

Even though their pages were very basic, their copywriting was on point.

It was all written to agitate people's pain, and their offer was their solution to get rid of the pain.

You can have the most beautifully designed landing page in the world, if your copy sucks, you're not going to get leads or make sales, period!


If your copy is on point (we help with that) + you have a premium looking page, your conversions will skyrocket.

Let's do some basic maths on a sales funnel and what increasing conversions can do.

Let's imagine you're making $50k per month and your conversion rate is 2.5% on your sales funnel (opt in page, sales funnel, book in a call, close)

Increasing the conversions to 5% (only 2.5% more) will make you an extra $600,000 per year.

Imagine if you were making $500k per month and what a 2.5% increase could do?

Imagine if you were making $50k per month but only increased conversions from 2.5% to 3.7%.

Still a huge amount of money made based on 

1. Premium look (designs, structure, layout, speed, function, etc)
2. Copy 

Use both of them and you will increase conversions, guaranteed.

World-claSS copy                

Do you ever get stuck writing social media posts?

Or even worse, you write them just to get no engagement while you see your friends get 100's of likes and a tonne of comments?

Perhaps you're designing a sales funnel just like this one, and you have no idea what to write?

You try to do some research based on "funnel hacking" but for some reason you go down the rabbit hole with doing too much research and you end up more confused on what to write.

A boring sales page with extraordinary copy will make you millions.

An amazing looking sales page with poor copy will make you... poor.

With the right copy, you can sell anything, and it's based on human psychology. 

Once you learn proper copywriting strategies, you will be able to write anything that attracts new potential clients without even thinking about it, just like I am right now.

I will give you an example of how copywriting and using the right "copywriting" can help you make millions.

Example copy based on someone who is a struggling "influencer'

Example 1) Our product is the best in the world, and we guarantee you will be a top influencer. We will help you get millions of followers and as a result, you will instantly become an "influencer celebrity"

Example 2) New studies show that 99.3% of Influencers struggle to make money online, especially with Instagram. We sat down with 20 Influencers who were struggling for years as nothing seemed to worked for them to those same influencers making millions of dollars with their Instagram accounts within 12 months. What we found out may shock you.

Which example are you more likely to click on or find out more information about? 1 or 2?

What if I knew that 99.9% of you would pick number 2? That is no coincidence.

With great copy, you can sell basically anything, and we will help you with copy in all the process from the opt-in page, sales funnel to the website.

premium image design

Designs can make a huge difference in the look and feel and also help convert traffic. 

If you clicked on a sales page or any website and the designs/mock-ups were super basic, you're going to just think the offer isn't that good.

You probably just compare what you see and just expect the offer/program/product to not be as good.

The funny thing is the offer could be amazing, but people are very quick to judge, so it's up to you to not give people a reason to judge and one of the ways to do so is to blow them away (not literally of course)

The designs aren't just the mock-ups, though. The design is in all aspect of your business.

Website, opt-in page, sales page, portfolio and all structure.

If you click on 2 websites and both of them promise you branding for your business.

The first website, all their images just seem basic and some would say, they just got them off another website.

Something in your gut says something is off and as there is some confusion, you decide to leave.

The second website offers the same thing for your business.

You skim through the designs, and you think they all look perfect and professional.

Which one are you more likely to contact if you need some designs done?

It's no different for your business.

As a conversion and optimisation specialist, it's our job to find ways to increase conversions in your business.

Ask yourself, will having designs that look professional and some would say "wow" people, do you think that would increase conversions by 5%?

What about even 1%?

In that case, it's worth it because we are mixing it with other conversion and optimisation strategies like the design, structure, strategy, copywriting and more.


If you don't have a portfolio, you're leaving money at the door, for real.

99% of people are highly sceptical, especially those who don't know you.

Most people won't know you, so you can be sure, 99% of people are sceptical.

Make sense?

A portfolio is similar to "results" or showing reviews and testimonials on a website.

People learn in different ways, some are visual like myself and others love learning by doing something. 

I personally don't want to sit through a 2-hour webinar to see what the coach or business can do.

Just show me what you can do and if I like it, I will move forward and pay for it.

A portfolio "IF" done the right way, can also get people off the fence and get them to make a decision. 

This is perfect to send people before a sales call as it will increase conversions.

It's also perfect to send people that told you "no" as perhaps, you tried to do a sales call yourself and sucked.... ha

The truth is, we have all been there before, so if someone needs more time to think about it for whatever reason, or they aren't interested (Basically you haven't done a good job and solving their problem) then something more visual can help people jump off the fence and say yes.

Think of it like this, someone contacts you and says they want to help you with your social media posts. You click on their Facebook/Instagram and you just see dog photos or them with family, you're going to think "no, thanks"

But, if they send you a portfolio with the work they have done for clients and while you go through all their designs and work they have done, you're thinking "OMG, that's what I need. I want that bad"

There's a higher chance you're going to contact that person even if they have dog photos on their social media and no business posts.

The truth is, not everyone shares business stuff on social media nor do they show their lifestyle as some people like to remain silent as they hate the attention.

A portfolio will help you convert more leads into clients if it's done the right way.

Want to do it all yourself?

Here's how much time you'll be spending in hours 

Average time it will take you to do this (This is just the time. This excludes the 10 years experience It has taken me to learn and master the craft)

Us taking control and doing everything for you, saving you massive amounts of time and money. 

Average time it will take you to do this

Time it takes png
a18 png
Time it takes png

Us taking control and doing everything for you saving you massive amounts of time and money

a18 png

Most Online Coaches say their time is worth a minimum of $100 per hour. Most CEO's say their time is worth over $1-5k per hour (More depending on the size of their business)

Want A 7-Figure Website?

A Website That Gets You More Leads, Sales and Clients?

Sales Funnels Convert More Than A Website 

And that's exactly why we have developed a website that is designed and acts like a sales funnel...... Are you getting it yet?

Take Your Online Business To The Next Level: 
7 Figure Growth Strategy Session💡

Before you book in for a free call, ask yourself these questions.

1) Do you think if you had a better strategy online, you'd get more leads and be able to get more clients?

2) Do you think you'd get more leads and clients if your branding made you stand out from what 99% of other business owners are doing online, and you were seen as the go-to expert in the industry?

3) Do you think that if you had better branding, more authority, built more trust, had better copy and had a strategy to convert more leads into clients, you would see an increase in sales? 

If you answered yes to just one of them, you know this is an absolute NO-BRAINER OFFER, and you'd actually be crazy not to, at least, have a call.


We know this offer is life-changing for any business owner and know, even if we charged $250,000, it would be still great value.

The great news is we aren't going to sell it for $250k. In fact, we aim to launch at a stupidly low price that it's going to be hard for anyone to say no.

Do you think you'd make an extra $10k in the next 12 months with our system?
Obviously, right? Well, in that case, it's 100000% worth it.

Once you become a client, and we work with you to build this for you to use in your business. You will also have exclusive rights to white label our offer when we charge $95k for it. You will not only be able to turn this into a 6-figure business yourself, but your clients will also be getting better results.

You win as you'll be able to white-label our scaling program. (You will make more money)

Not only that, your clients will get more leads and make more money and as a result, you will gain even more testimonials and reviews (Which as a result, helps you get more clients and make more money)

Your clients are now all making more money and winning, and we also win, as we don't need to spend as much money on advertising and can give it to you instead)


Your Monthly Revenue Is At Least $10k (We say this as the minimum because the more income your business is making, the better this will work for you). It's designed to increase conversions in your online business through getting more leads, getting people off the fence and buying your offer and converting more leads into clients).

 You Want To Take Your Online Business To New levels 

 You're looking To Increase Your Conversions Throughout Your Business, Which Results In Making You More Money & Saving Costs

You Want To Stand Out From Your Competition And Put Yourself As The #1 Go To Expert In Your Industry

You Simply Want More Clients, Have A Bigger Impact And Want To Make More Money

Have A Question? Email:


Join The Soon To Be The #1 Scaling System For Business Coaches, Online Coaches, Successful Influencers & Content Creators Who Want To Take Their Online Business To The Next Level.


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